Recording the Mantra – by Swami Nirmalananda

Blossoming Forth logo-verticalI have just returned from the sound studio, creating our Donor Gift for Blossoming Forth.  108 repetitions of the mantra to support your japa practice, which the Ashram is sending as a thank you to every new Monthly Donor and to those who increase their monthly donation.  Recording the mantra for you felt like I was sitting and doing japa with you.  Sweet!

Blossoming Forth is our fall fundraiser, celebrating the huge progress we’ve made with our consolidated organizations and our shifting of gears into a new phase of expansion and effectiveness. In an organization (which is made up of people), it works the same way that it works for you – you do the deep internal work and then it blossoms forth into your life.

Our Reawakening and Consolidation propelled us into deep inner work, designing new structures, moving to new locations, recruiting new staff, designing a new website and more.  Now we’re blossoming forth into a new building for local programs, newly expanded staff, new program titles for next year, consolidated Enrollment System and much more.  As an organization, we’ve done five years of work in two years – just like you do when you’re in a yogimmersion!

Your participation is what makes all this happen – it’s what inspires me to do my part, feeding you on multiple levels – whichever parts of the Svaroopa® sciences you enjoy.  In the last 6 weeks, our new website has had over 11,000 hits.  This means that lots of people want what we offer, so we keep offering it.

Your donations provide over 30% of our operating funds.  In other words, we couldn’t do it without your generosity.  While many of you donate a percentage of your income, we are also supported by those who donate the equivalent of a weekly latte.  It all adds up.  It all makes a difference.

swamiWith a special acknowledgement and thank you to our Monthly Donors.That is why we have a free weekend retreat next February for our Monthly Donors and members – Yatra to Downingtown, which happens right after I get back from our Ganeshpuri trip.  And that is why I was in the recording studio this morning.  So that your support is matched by the support I can offer you – the opening of your doorway inside.  Mantra is especially powerful for this! 

OM svaroopa svasvabhavah namo nama.h

Click here to make a donation (one-time or monthly donation)

or call us at 610.644.7555.  Thank you!


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