2015 Tuition Changes

In time for your 2015 budget, we are announcing changes in tuition for SVA programs and Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher Training courses.  While some course tuitions are going up, tuition for YTT is going down, effective immediately. For courses with increased tuition, you may enroll at 2014 rates until December 31.

To set rates for 2015, we conducted market research as well as an internal rate review. Our YTT tuitions, compared to other Teacher Trainings both locally and nationally, are at the top — primarily because we provide 350 hours of training at the first level. Other YTT programs provide only 200 hours. So our Board has decided that tuition for YTT Components A and B will be coming down.  If you have paid (or have payment plans) for a future YTT Level, you will be receiving a refund for the difference within a month.

Tuition is also being reduced for three additional programs: Shaktipat Retreat, Embodyment® Weekend, Yogify Your Life and Option 3 in our Year-Long Programme (with Swamiji’s conference calls).

In the past, Master Yoga Foundation reviewed tuition rates every two years.  In our 2013 Consolidation, we held the tuitions steady for all of 2014, keeping a third year at the same tuitions.  Planned increases are in line with the cost of living increase over the last three years (5.7% according to the USA Consumer Price Index). This includes Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga and our new MTT Retreat.

Our analysis also showed that four EYTS programs have been significantly undervalued: Experiential Anatomy, EYTS Deceptive Flexibility, EYTS Embodyment® in Poses & EYTS Top-to-Tail. We also discovered that ATT courses were valued at less than Foundations, so tuition for these EYTS and ATT courses is being increased in 2015. However, enrolling before December 31 will let you take advantage of 2014 tuition.

In addition, because The Desmond has raised their rates, costs for 2015 house and meals will rise by $10 per day. In addition, Airport Transportation will be charged @ $45.00 per person per transfer.  Both of these changes are unavoidable, due to the costs of these services.  Yet we’ve found that yogis appreciate being able to stay on-site for the programs, as well as having a yogi or Ashram staff member handle their airport drive, so we continue to offer both services.

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  • Click on the program title to see our 2014 rates, clearly detailed for you, with the newly reduced tuitions for YTT already listed there.
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  • Or email or call our Enrollment Advisors at (610) 806-2119.

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