Anything is Possible.. Even the Impossible — by Kaura Grant

After only one week in Ganeshpuri India, from Calgary Canada, I wrote, “What an amazing experience so far.”

I had many opportunities to explore and experience my own spirituality, from abhishek at 4:30 each morning to honor Nityananda, contemplations and meditations, asana  practices, satsangs and just walking the streets and shops, observing the friendly people that live here and respecting their culture and beliefs.

As a newer Svaroopi in the group, I still have much to learn. There has been so much support within our community and each person has helped me with processing the ”process” of finding and honoring the Blissful Source within myself.

One of the things I’ve learned in Ganeshpuri is that  “anything is possible; even the impossible,” a sort of mantra I heard from our wise and hospitable tour manager, named Iqbal.

To be able to attain a sense of peace and a glimpse of enlightenment seemed impossible to me only a few years ago, but now I am learning how to access the Grace and Consciousness that is within each of us, facilitated by traditions and rituals such as the yaj~na fire ceremony, and chanting the Guru Gita.

gurudev siddha peethChanting the Guru Gita at Gurudev Siddha Peeth seemed surreal. The Ashram had such a peaceful environment; it was so beautiful to see all the people gathered together for the same purpose — reciting the sacred text to honor the One Guru, The Self — the Source, That which resides in each of us.

The lights were dimly lit, casting a glowing radiance in the hall. I took a breath and waited in silent anticipation for the chanting to begin. Within a few moments, I heard the serene melody of a flute followed by the rhythmic beat of a drum and the hum of the harmonium preparing all of us for the spiritual practice of chanting the Guru Gita.

The vibrations in my heart supported me in my own chanting, as I sensed the energy of Ganeshpuri coursing through my body, yet grounding me at the same time. I saluted the Guru—the embodiment of being, consciousness and bliss. Hearing the men and women rhythmically and melodiously chanting took me inside myself to feel and experience the love, the bliss, and Grace of the Guru within myself…inside and outside.  I feel full. I feel grateful.  I feel the power and Grace imbibed in Ganeshpuri within myself. Anything is possible….

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