Blog:  Concentrated Divinity — by Vidyadevi Stillman

The Divine is everything, is everywhere, all pervasive, yet it seems to be more concentrated here in Ganeshpuri, particularly during Shivaratri.   Sitting in Nityananda’s Maha Samadhi Shrine from 4- 6 am there was total concentration and saturation of the Divine.

It was made more tangible by the filling of my senses with the Divine.  There was the divine taste of chai still in my mouth.  Chai is definitely concentrated divinity!

camphor flame aratiThere was the divine smell of camphor as the priests waved it around Nityananda making a mystical haze.

My ears were filled with the sacred sounds of chanting from the priests inside the temple and people in the temple next door.

There were the divine sounds of the drums, cymbals, conch etc.

There was the divine touch of the cool morning breeze on my skin as it came through the side door.

I was not just getting bathed in Divinity, but getting drenched.  The outside was soaking in and drawing me deeper and deeper inside to experience my own Divinity- my own Self.

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