Your Bliss Place

Lokananda renovations continue, yet we already have housing for 16 students, with a beautiful new dining hall and student lounge making it comfortable for all.

“LOVE having the retreat in our own dedicated space, surrounded by the world we live in.” – Priya Kenney

“The sense of being in an ashram has been created.” – Matrika Gast

“The food was very good, sweet space to stay, love the lounge.” – Michelle Kamala Gross

“Thanks for the lovely new home.” – Maitreyi Wilsman

IMG_8210We need your support to complete the needed work, so we are continuing our Capital Campaign to fund all that will make this a yogic home for all.

Donate online, phone us at 610.644.7555  or email Every donation makes a difference. We deeply appreciate your support.


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