Naming Lokananda

It has been six months since your donations have aided us in moving our teacher training programs into our new Downingtown building, Lokananda. The students have been moving in and out in a graceful flow as we are back-to-back in our immersion programs.
With decorating complete, each room has taken on a personality and earning itself a name from Swami Nirmalananda.

Ground floor:
• Main Entry: Svagatam (pronounced SVĂĂ-gă-tăm, means welcome)
• Meditation classroom: Kailasa (pronounced KĂEE-lă-să, name of a sacred mountain in the Himalayas, the home of Shiva)
• Asana (yoga) classroom: Tapovan (pronounced tăp-O-văn, means the place of spiritual effort)
• Yoga therapy room: Rasayana Kutir (pronounced ră-SĂĂ-yă-nă ku-TĬR, means the place of healing)

2nd floor:
• Dining hall: Annapurna (ĂN-nă-PŬR-na, means abundance of food)
• Student lounge: Deviloka (DAY-vee-LO-kă, means the abode of the goddesses)
• Bedrooms — Varanasi (vă-ră-NĂĂ-see, the name of a sacred city in India)

3rd floor:
• Apartment 3E (closest to the parking lot) Bedrooms: Arunachala (ă-roon-ĂĂ-chă-lă, the name of a sacred mountain in India)
• Apartment 3W (nearest the intersection of 30 & 322) Bedrooms: Rishikesh (RĬ-shĭ-kesh, the name of a sacred city in India)

We need your continued support to our Capital Campaign for renovations for a new roof, new plumbing, blanket washing equipment, etc. Click here to donate and learn more about how your dedicated funds are helping build our Bliss Place.

“Décor is fabulous! All needed comforts are there. Love that there are blankets in every room.”

“Everywhere you look is a reminder of the Self.”

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