It Really Works!

“I love Lokananda – so wonderful to be able to stay immersed in the shakti all the times.” 

“Its the most depthful and effective course offered -with so much time to really steeling the depth of my being while working on being able to talk about it and teach it. Also the support of being in the ashram at Lokananda was a big plus…it really works!”

“Housing was great! I’m so happy that Lokananda is available.”

Everywhere you look in the newly renovated Lokananda is a reminder of the Self. The pictures of Gods and Gurus, the mirrors reflecting the light and reflecting your own face – another Divine Being honored in this sacred space.

Swami Nirmalananda named our new home for one of the key sutras in Kashmiri Shaivism:

Lokaananda.h samaadhi sukham — “Siva Sutra 1.18

The bliss of Self-Knowingess is experienced in its fullness in every place and every time.

Please donate to the Capital Campaign so we can continue to offer full immersion programs at Lokananda: Your Bliss Place. Click here to donate.

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