Sweet Home Lokananda

By Saguna Goss
SagunaI must confess. My bliss is still dependent on my location. In shopping for a new home last year, I viewed houses of all shapes and sizes, trying to find the right one. In each location, I would stop and ask myself, “Will I be happy here?” My answer was not always “Yes.” Clearly I need to do more yoga.
IMG_8210Luckily our Svaroopa® yoga community now has a place, Lokananda, dedicated to bliss. What do communities typically dedicate spaces to? They dedicate space for learning as they establish schools and universities. They dedicate space for a socializing when they build a community hall. With war memorials communities dedicate space to honor veterans. Communities, and the people in them, dedicate space to things that are important to them. We who practiceSvaroopa® yoga and meditation have dedicated a place to bliss, the bliss of your inner knowingness. How auspicious!

Because my bliss is still dependent on location, I am extremely grateful for Lokananda. I was travelling from Calgary Canada to a recent program there, the immigration agent asked me, “Where are you going today?” My heart and mind resoundingly exclaimed on the inside, “Home! I’m going to my home, Lokananda.” Of course, I told the agent that I was going to a yoga retreat in Downingtown. Yet I truly felt as though I was going home, the place where I feel most like myself because it gives me my Self.

We have this amazing new location that supports our yoga practices. Everything you need is under one roof, literally, providing ease and support for your inner exploration. Every modern day quote on the wall links back to a sutra, and every mirror reminds you to look for bliss on the inside. It is all designed to give you what yoga promises. And it still needs more work in order to fully support our community.

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