Value of Immersion

“To have the immersion experience of doing regular practices and personal connection with Swamiji that helped keep me close to my SELF.”

“I thought it to be a very well planned immersion. I learned so very much and it made me so excited to continue my journey. I am very grateful for this experience.”


With your donations, we have been able to move our immersions into our new campus – Lokananda.  Whether your Yogimmersion is a weekend, a retreat or a professional training, you can look forward to thinking about nothing except what you are learning and the experience of your Self. You will experience Bliss multiplied exponentially.

The sacred space of Lokananda gives you easy access to your Self, so you can take your Self home with you. Please donate to our Capital Campaign so we can continue to grow our full immersion programs at Lokananda: Your Bliss Place. Every donation makes a difference. Click here to donate.

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