Supporting Self & Others

Reported by Dana Clark

Warrior 1 dsc0552-XL - CopyOne of my students attends classes twice a week, for many years now. She is a nurse and has suffered most of her life with back pain and sciatica. She says if she wasn’t doing the yoga she wouldn’t be able to keep working. She financially supports her husband and grandchild.

She recently told me how grateful she is to have been practicing standing poses in class. She works in a nursing home, and an elderly patient fell on her as she was helping him getting up out of bed. At first she panicked a bit as his full weight was leaning into her.

She then remembered to lean into her leg bones, like when we do Warrior poses. Doing this saved her back from injury.  She was able to support his weight while help came. Help did not come for at least 5 minutes as it was a very busy time and staff was thin on the ground.

Another example of how we can use yoga in our daily lives!!

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