Pilgrimage without Travel

David King - Copy.jpgBy Dhananjaya King

On the Svaroopa® path, every day is like a pilgrimage without travel. Most people can rarely journey to a holy site. Most days they go places they have always gone. However, we Svaroopis are dedicated pilgrims on a sacred journey inward. Swami Nirmalananda’s teachings guide us in being “grounded and uplifted.” She is always just a thought or mouse-click away, serving as our compass and our map. Through her, our destination is known. This sacred journey, although not always free of troubles, is guaranteed to be one worth traveling.

a-sublime-path-1We are all together on this pilgrimage. Given the richness of the Svaroopa® Sciences, individual Svaroopis may have different paths, but our destination is the same. We are all headed to the knowing of Self. You need only change your perspective a fraction in order to recognize that everyone and everything shines with Divine Light. Swamiji’s teachings, founded in the ancient yogic texts, promise that fabulous gift.

The power of this pilgrimage etches our minds with Consciousness.  Swamiji has made it her life’s work to equip us with tools for the road. She has given us all that is necessary to live in the flow of Grace. It is our choice to accept the gift that allows the sacred to permeate our lives.

And it is this time of year when we give thanks for such great blessings. Let us give thanks for our Guru who points us toward the Light — our own inner Light and that Light in each and every other being. The practice of dakshina, financial support, is one of the tangible ways we can give back. Our donations, in whatever amount, provide what it takes to support Swamiji and the Ashram. We are supporting the source from which flows all that empowers our individual pilgrimages to the One.

You could argue that, whether you donate or not, Swamiji will do whatever it takes to show you your Self. That, in fact, is true. She has always given to us unstintingly. Yet wouldn’t it be nice for her to be able to do everything she would like, with the resources that we can provide for her to use?

If you contribute already, please considering increasing your contribution. If you don’t contribute now, please consider a donation. I guarantee it’s the best dollar you’ll ever spend.

shoesFor me it is about following my Guru’s example. The fraction I give back with a simple monthly donation gives me a sense of walking in her shoes, giving so others can benefit. It makes an immeasurable difference in my sacred journey.

Click here to arrange your donation online, or phone us at 610.644.7555.

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