Amazing ROI on Your Investment

matrikaBy Matrika Gast, SVA Board Member

I am becoming familiar with the realities of Return on Investment (ROI).  Emotionally and spiritually invested in teaching yoga, I used to call my technical writing profession my “day job.” I am grateful that the energy I invested in that profession produced useful ROI.  One return is the skills that support my communications seva to our Ashram.  Another is an IRA bank account, which has helped me in opening a yoga studio.

Yet an IRA is not as good as yoga and meditation, as they keep on giving.  With IRAs, once you retire, your nest egg shrinks and the ROI is progressively diminished.  When you invest in the yoga you cherish, your ROI expands exponentially.  The more you give of your training and experience to your students, the more your “yogic wealth” expands.  It’s truly amazing.


Most yoga teachers are not pursuing gigantic financial goals, yet we are enriched nevertheless.  Teaching Svaroopa® yoga supplies immeasurable spiritual income, rooted in the ancient teachings and Grace-full lineage of our Master Teacher and Founder Swami Nirmalananda.  Inevitably, through her, we are saturated in that flow of Grace.  In this way, our Ashram IN-vests knowledge, skill — and Grace — in us.  As we channel this IN-vestment into our teaching, our ROI expands beyond anything we could have imagined.  The more we give it out, the more we are filled.

When you experience this mind-blowing fullness, you yearn to pay it forward.  You have so many opportunities to do so.  In addition to doing or teaching yoga, you have the yogic practice of dakshina, offering financial support for the source of the teachings.  Your Ashram is that source.  Our Ashram Mission Statement makes clear that the Ashram stands as a conduit of Grace in an ancient yogic lineage.  In addition to providing teacher training, our Ashram is committed to serving seekers of Self-Realization.

Invest-in-Your-Ashram-logo_v2.1Throughout May, when you donate to support the source of the teachings that have so filled and empowered you, you double your investment in the Ashram.  Because we SVA Board Members have committed to $22,000 in matching pledges, you double the power of your dakshina.  For every $1 you donate, the Ashram receives $2.  When you thus double your investment, what amazing ROI will you receive?

As you help Swami Nirmalananda spread the ancient teachings to so many others, you can count on exponential returns beyond your personal IN-vestment.  Challenge yourself to grow even more.  Yearning to pay forward what you have received, challenge yourself to open your wallet.  Let it reflect the openness of your heart.  And then challenge yourself to be aware of how your support, your investment, comes back to you.

Click here to read more about Investing in Your Ashram.

Click here to get your donation doubled.

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