Enhancing the Energy of Money

By Dhairyavati (Kristine) Freeman (Kristine) Freeman, SVA Board Member

I’ve been limiting the energy of money.  With accounts at different banks, I’ve been diluting that energy.  I call it “financial sprawl.” My previous reasons for accounts in different places no longer make sense today.  So my tapas, doing the hard stuff, is consolidating our funds (our energy) at one bank, which means we avoid bank fees.  Even banks reward the consolidation of the energy of money.

There is a yogic science to the energy of money:

“When you give out money, buying something or giving to a person or charity, you are giving your energy out.  Money is a placeholder that holds energy, making you able to utilize that energy or share it with others.  Being in the energetic flow that we call money is an important part of life.”  (Wealth: Abundance and More, February 2015)

Lokananda - Donor gift pictureWhen you invest in your Ashram, you invest in your Self.  Your donation enhances programs, provides salaries for essential support staff and funds improvements at Lokananda (our retreat center).  This infrastructure is crucial.  The energy of your donation supports and strengthens it.  Thus, you help spread Swami Nirmalananda’s teachings to more people worldwide.  And you experience the “More” of yoga.  You experience the inner upwelling of your own joy-full Self.

To energize our first 2018 fundraiser, your Ashram Board has committed $22,000 in matching funds.  We will match your donations, dollar for dollar.  For every dollar you donate, the Ashram receives two.  We understand what we receive in return for the funds we invest and hope you recognize what you receive as well.  By energetically supporting the Ashram with our money, we are furthering our own spiritual development as well as others’ growth toward Consciousness.

In addition, Donor Gifts have just been announced.  Silver, Gold and Platinum levels offer gifts of sacred ash from our December Ganeshpuri fire ceremony, as well as golden framed pictures of Lakshmi and of Swami Nirmalananda.  These gifts signify both the spiritual blessings and worldly blessings that you receive, blessings that you also provide by your generosity.

Invest-in-Your-Ashram-logo_v2.1Take the challenge! Join with your Svaroopa® yoga community to invest in your Ashram.  Simultaneously, you invest in your Self.  When you give financially to the Ashram, investing your energy, you open yourself even deeper to abundant returns from Source.  Challenge yourself to open your heart and your wallet.  Then challenge yourself to be aware of how your support — your investment — comes back to you, outside and inside.

Click here to read more about Investing in Your Ashram.  Click here to get your donation doubled and see the Donor Gifts at Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.

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