How to Smile and Laugh More

By Heather Wong Ken; Interviewed by Margie (Maitreyi) Wilsman

Having been a Svaroopa® yoga student for more than a decade, Heather Wong Ken knew there’d be big changes from taking a Shaktipat Retreat with Gurudevi Nirmalananda.  She was a little bit afraid of it; yet when one was scheduled for Calgary, she signed up.  She says, “It was a no-brainer. It was where I live and the right time to take it.

“The whole weekend was a powerful experience.  Even though intense, it was also blissful and so deep.  I felt like I was on a vacation.”  Surprisingly, Heather’s sense of being on vacation happened in the meditation room with Gurudevi rather than on the recesses and meal breaks.  In the meditation room with Gurudevi, Heather powerfully felt she “wanted to be there.”

The Shaktipat Retreat deepened Heather’s yoga practice.  Now in everyday life, she feels a deeper sense of inner connection with Self, seeing Shiva in everybody and in everything.  She feels so much more grounded and more confident.

She describes, “This new feeling is deeper than when I feel grounded by practicing asana (poses).  I carry the feeling of Self-within even into the simple things of everyday life.  I feel that I have more time.  I have less need for distractions.  Now, rather than watch TV at night to unwind, I do yoga and meditate.”

Heather went to the Shaktipat Retreat sensing something big would happen.  Changes range wonderfully across an emotional spectrum.  She feels underlying happiness.  At times, arising anger and sadness surprise her.  In the past her habit was to keep such emotions hidden.  Now she is letting them be what they are, and they leave. Heather shares, “I was always a more serious person, even as a baby.  Now I smile and laugh more.  My interactions with other people feel more authentic.  And my yoga practices have continued to deepen.”

1 thought on “How to Smile and Laugh More

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