Gurudevi’s Clarity & Compassion

By Lisha Reynolds, interviewed by Lori (Priya) Kenney

Gurudevi’s compassion radiates out to everyone.  And I feel individually blessed by her.  I’m lucky.  I’m more than lucky.  I’m fueled and uplifted by Guru’s Grace.  Where do you start when talking about Gurudevi’s qualities? There is so much. 

Gurudevi is adept at taking a sutra and distilling it so you know what it’s saying to you, personally.  She uses examples that are clear and concrete.  It’s powerful for me to read what she has written.  Her clarity takes me to my Self every single time.  My mind might be distracted, but on the other track I hear her speak.  Or I read the teachings and they get in there.  Of course, sometimes I need to hear or read it three times (or more).  But that’s not because she hasn’t made it clear.  It is crystal clear.  It just takes a while to get through the internal density.  Her clarity makes it easier for me to be clearer in my own thoughts.

Gurudevi knows what it’s like to be dense and to have the suffering we have.  She knows what it’s like to have the wandering and the longing.  She writes each discourse so that you know that she knows what it’s like to not be Self-Realized.  She has experienced what it’s like on the dense side of things.

Her teachings are direct and clear, reaching me on a deep level.  But there is always that thread of compassion underlying the exquisite clarity.  When someone is direct but lacking in compassion, it feels like you’re being told what to do, that you’re being ordered or dictated to.  They don’t care if you take their advice or not.  Gurudevi cares whether I know my Self.  And she is here to help me — and each of us — on that journey. Merriam-Webster defines compassion as “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.”  Gurudevi’s sole mission is for me — and for each of us —to know the Self!  That is true compassion.  It’s genuine.  It’s there every single time.  Whenever or wherever it is, it’s the same experience.

1 thought on “Gurudevi’s Clarity & Compassion

  1. Sheralee (Shambhavi)

    Very well said Lisha. I often go back to previous satsang audios and hear Gurudevi’s teaching like it was the first time. I am always in awe of the Truth Gurudevi reveals.


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