Giving Blessings, Receiving Blessings

By Lynn (Gurupremananda) Cattafi, Board Member 

I have personally found what Gurudevi says to be true, “In supporting any organization and serving others, you put your body, mind and heart all to work at the same time.  With these three capacities all focused in one direction, you can make a difference in the world.  And uplift yourself at the same time.”   

This quotation touches my heart because it describes my own “yoga in action” since the Ashram’s inception.  Gurudevi brings these mystical and ancient teachings into the world.  Assisting and supporting her is the most uplifting experience for me.   

Supporting your Ashram is the greatest gift you can give.  I encourage you to support the organization that supports you by making a donation to the Ashram’s spring fundraiser, “Giving Blessings.” 

Think of all that the Ashram has given you.  When many yoga studios were hunkering down or even closing, Gurudevi and the Ashram swamis continued to serve.  In fact, they were more active than ever.  Within 10 days of pandemic lockdown, then began providing online programs.  They brought Svaroopa® yoga into your home.  They reached out to shield you from the bumps and bruises of 2020.  They helped you to grow and further deepen into your Self during the shutdown.  

What better way to show your gratitude than by offering your financial assistance?  Your generosity, in any amount, is a grace-filled expression of your love for your yoga.  Your financial support enables Gurudevi to expand the Ashram’s reach.  That sends more blessings to the world.  What the world needs now is more yoga! 

When you support your Ashram, you pour your own blessings into the world. Your seva (selfless service) helps keep the Ashram running.  Your asana (yoga pose) practices uncover your own light, which shines into the world.  Your dakshina (financial support) sustains the Ashram in supporting you as well as the world.   

From my own experience, I know that integrating all three practices into your life is powerful.  Your heart opens and your mind opens.  You experience your best YOU.  You live from your own Self.  Your yoga blesses you.  Your love and support bless your Ashram.   

You can donate on our website or on Facebook.  You can call us at (610) 644-7555.  Or you can even send your check to Svaroopa Vidya Ashram, 116 E. Lancaster Ave., Downingtown, PA 19335. 

Your support makes a difference in the world, and to you. 

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