New Telecourse:  Being, Light & Bliss

By Gurudevi Swami Nirmalananda 

The gifts of the pandemic continue to reveal themselves, proving every cloud has a silver lining.  I thought of myself as a tech-savvy swami when I taught on telephone conference calls, beginning over ten years ago.  We could connect, sort-of, kind-of, quasi-semi-almost in-person.  At least we could hear the tone and inflection in a yogi’s voice when they shared or asked a question.  Zooming is even better!

My new Telecourse is an exciting development in creating wide-open access to yoga’s deepest teachings.  I am debuting our new offering with “Being, Light & Bliss.”  It is a self-paced course presenting the articles and videos from my 2021 Year-Long Programme.  This makes it available to everyone who couldn’t participate within the timeline I had planned.  And it’s significantly less expensive in this format, making it even more accessible.

I have been testing and refining the multi-media format for twelve years, beginning with my first Year-Long Programme in 2010.  Articles led to online audios and conference calls, and most recently – videos of me offering the teachings.  I was inspired by my Guru, of course, for when I wasn’t living with him, I treasured my rare opportunities to watch videos of him.

Last year’s big innovation was modules, short courses that could stand alone or be taken together in sequence.  These modules worked so well that we’re putting them online for you.  Pick your timing and sequencing, fitting your studies into your available times.  Or you can delve in deeply and intensively, even repeating and reviewing the articles and videos multiple times.

All this modern technology is completely in line with Shiva’s command to Vasaguptacharya over 1300 years ago. When he revealed the Shiva Sutras, Shiva said, “Take these secret teachings out into the world and make them available to everyone.”  Please join me in the mystical movement into mass-upliftment.  Let’s raise the consciousness of the world by making these profound teachings and inner experiences available to everyone.

Introductory Video – available online January 13

Telecourse begins January 18

Click for more information or contact our Enrollment Advisor 610.806.2119 

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