Fullness & Brightness from Within

By Doreen Willover

interviewed by Matrikaa Gast

My introduction to the practices of Gurudevi’s Svaroopa® yoga and meditation was gradual.  I first experienced classes and private yoga therapy at Downingtown Yoga (DYMC).  Then my teacher nudged me to take Meditation 101.  

My next step was attending Gurudevi’s Swami Sunday satsangs.  Like a baby, I was being spoon fed.  Eventually, I heard about the extraordinary gift that Gurudevi can bestow: Shaktipat.

I learned about Shaktipat right before the 2020 pandemic shutdown.  I wanted my first Shaktipat to be in person, so I had to wait until fall 2021.  I was so happy to be at Lokananda with all the shakti of a group of experienced yogis.  They all had received Shaktipat from Gurudevi multiple times.  In the meditation hall, I was the lone newcomer, awash in their energy!

When Gurudevi laid her hand on my head, I felt pulled from my tailbone up through my neck toward her hand.  During the retreat, several meditations followed.  The first was full of a trillion white lights.  One was a full-on light show.  Since then, when I attend Gurudevi’s Wednesday evening or Swami Sunday satsangs, I still have extraordinarily deep meditations.  Every time I meditate now, I feel full and bright afterward.

Swami Nirmalananda giving Shaktipat

At the beginning of 2022, I noticed how profoundly life has changed for me.  I feel at ease with everyone around me.  I no longer have a sense of anyone getting under my skin.  I respect their differences and love them even more.  This state has led me to never being disappointed with anything.  I am at ease and peace with all my surroundings.  At ease and peace with everyone, I feel wonderful.  I find that loving yourself makes the love that you have so much easier to give.

Receiving Shaktipat from Gurudevi has led to this transformation.  I also know that participating in her 2021 Year-Long Programme (YLP) prepared me for being open to Shaktipat.  In a YLP video, she gave us the practice of repeating “I exist.”  Not only did I say these simple words; I would go to bed thinking about them.  This practice, and Gurudevi’s other YLP practices, touched me deeply.  It was as though I’d been in a closet and had chucked out useless stuff.  Then I emerged as my Self.

Last fall, I treated myself to a cross-country road trip.  I visited National Parks: Badlands, Glacier, Yellowstone.  I was on my own, tapping into me.  I have learned and can feel this profound inner depth from Gurudevi’s words.  She puts words to what I am feeling.  Wherever I am, I am home because my own Self is home.

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