New Look! New Feel!

Short info-bits, that’s all you have time for these days.  We are shortening and simplifying our emails to give you more, but taking less of your time.  Along with a pretty new look, the plan is to give you a moment of upliftment every day.

Videos are coming —  beginning soon.  Your email will include a 60-90 second video weekly or more often.  It gives you a bite-size piece to chew on or just to make you grin.  It will be something from Gurudevi or our other blog authors.

Good news:  no more long emails.  However we know that yogis’ stories are so heart-warming and inspiring that we don’t want to lose them.  So you’ll get a paragraph or two (another 60 second option) along with a link to the blog.

Our publications have been stellar for years, supported by an extensive team of sevites as well as several full-time staff members.  Our readership is well served and seems to know it, as our “open rates” for our emails are consistently high.  SVA was used as the example to learn from at a weekend seminar several years ago, to which we had sent several staff members.

The communications world has changed a lot, fueled by your changing activities and interests during the pandemic.  Now that you can get out, you have many things competing for your attention.  In addition, video is more important, plus it has become easy to imbed video and audio clips in emails.  We’re going to do it!

We hope you will enjoy having Gurudevi inspire you daily, or you can simply choose weekly or monthly frequency here.  Maybe you can just wait a few days and see what’s coming your way…

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