Healing, Transformation & Illumination

There are stages of enlightenment and steps you can take toward it.

  1. Healing: Whether it’s your body, mind or heart that needs help, the first step is healing from the inside-outward. Just like with a cut, the healing power comes from inside. Svaroopa® Yoga amps up your healing power.
  2. Transformation: You see your life with new eyes. Better yet, you see you with new eyes, which changes everything, even while you’re in the middle of it. More caring and compassionate, more intelligent, more creative and with more clarity about what you came here to do – that’s transformation.
  3. llumination: Flashes of insight happen from the beginning, that’s the power of revelation, the specialty of Svaroopa® Yoga & Meditation. That’s what you really wanted anyway, to know your own Divine Essence and to live in the Bliss of Consciousness.

We are committed to supporting you through this process, wherever you find yourself in it. This is the purpose of our “Communications Upgrade” – the reason we now email bite-size pieces every day. Just 60-90 seconds, like the video with this blog.

Our purpose is upliftment — your upliftment. To make that easier, we have consolidated our information streams. Our emails, blogs and social media posts are different doorways into the teachings and personal stories we offer.

A new Daily Email is our primary communication channel. It now includes a short video or audio weekly, maybe even more often. Personal stories by yogis who have been doing more yoga will arrive on Tuesdays; stories about Gurudevi and teachings from her arrive on Thursdays.

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More blogs! Our inspiring stories are now posted here, in our Ashram blog. It’s now easier than ever to follow, with the button right at the top of this page.

YogaMysticism.Today is our second blogsite, featuring stories by our swamis, so follow it too!

We hope you will enjoy having Gurudevi inspire you daily. Or choose weekly or monthly frequency when you subscribe or update your subscription.

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