Bite-Size Pieces

By Gurudevi Nirmalananda

What can fit into your busy life?  Short little yoga-bits.  What can intrude into all that stuff in your mind?  It needs to be only a few words, I know, yet it must contain the whole of Consciousness.  It’s a lot like sutras.  Our Communications Upgrade focuses on giving you key teachings in bite-size pieces. 

I feel like I’m laying out a breadcrumb trail.  Each little nibble feeds you and hopefully makes you want more.  If I design it well, you’ll follow the trail far enough that it leads you the right direction — inward.  

There, what you find is greater than you could have ever imagined, for the whole of Consciousness is within you. That’s called “your own Self.”

I invite you to join me in this mystical journey, bringing the cosmic truths right into your life.  How?  Get our daily emails, with a teaching every day.  On four days of the week, you also get my short videos and yogi’s stories.  They all are lights to follow on this path, with their uplifting and inspiring experiences.  Allow them to touch your heart and open up new possibilities for you.

Whatever touches your heart, you make space for it in your life and in your mind.  When a teaching helps you see things in a new way, or it opens up a deeper experience within, your radar screen expands.  You can take in more.  You can handle more.  You can give more.  That’s what I call yoga.

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