Yogaratnas Installed

Gurudevi has bestowed the title of Yogaratna on eight more Svaroopa® yoga teachers.  They join Valerie (Atmananda) Trautlein, the first teacher honored in this way.  Please help us congratulate:

  • Carolyn (Karuna) Beaver
  • Cayla (Mangala) Allen
  • Jules (Brahmini) Watson
  • Marlene (Matrikaa) Gast
  • Melissa (Yogyananda) Fountain
  • Nirooshitha Sethuram
  • Rosemary (Rudrani) Nogue
  • Soraya Periera

“Just as in the ‘real world,’” explains Gurudevi, “the yoga world has ways of acknowledging the highest levels of leadership.  Meaning the “jewel of yoga” or a “yoga-gem,” this title honors one who has developed their inner depth in such a way that they can shine it into the world.  

Their mastery extends into the practicalities of life as well as the mystical dimensions within.  Like a diamond or ruby reflects the light, captivating all who see it, such a yogi shines Divine Light into the world in a way that heals, transforms and uplifts others.”

Gurudevi created this yogic title in early 2020.  It honors those who embody the qualities of yoga in three ways:  Commitment to teaching, quality of their teaching and their commitment and service to the Ashram.  To learn more, click here: Yogic Titles.  

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