Preparing to Teach Meditation 

By Kristine (Dhairyavati) Freeman 

For me, Meditation Teacher Training (MTT) was a true intensive — meditation bootcamp.  For 12 days, we listened to Gurudevi Nirmalananda’s illumined talks on sutras from the sages’ ancient teachings.  We chanted and meditated longer and longer, building up to three hours in one day.  Each evening, our “homework” was writing a talk for our future “Learn to Meditate” classes. 

All the practices in the course carried me through.  I felt fully supported.  By writing the talks, I learned the language of Consciousness.  Although I had meditated regularly before MTT, I lacked the words and skills for teaching others.  Our nightly writing homework was quite practical and exactly what I needed.  They were especially essential since I’d already scheduled my first three-class series! 

The course was also a profound luxury.  Just being at Lokananda — Place of Bliss — was such a treat.  Uninterrupted time to focus on spiritual practice nourished me.  There were no competing priorities.  I gained even deeper access to my own Self, the One Self Being All. 

I steeped in the flow of Grace from within.  I could live from that inner dimension, so everything outside was easier.  I felt what it is to share the arising inner Light.  I understood that I have a responsibility to pay it forward. 

I returned home ready to teach.  Typically, doing anything the first time is challenging for me.  However, the minute-by-minute class format that Gurudevi gave us provided a perfectly reliable structure.  Through it all, Guru’s Grace flowed, carrying me and my students.  For the second series, I knew the logistics well.  I was even more aware of the Grace flowing, and it was a lovely experience!  I never got to teach the third series I’d planned, however, due to the pandemic shutdown. 

Clearly, people everywhere needed a way to take their nervous systems down a notch.  So I offered a free, online half-hour guided Shavasana and yogic breathing session.  On Tuesday afternoon for nearly two years, I’ve led attendees through the Shavasana Guided Awareness and Ujjayi Pranayama.  Describing the basics of the meditative process, I prepare them for relaxation and deep inner opening.  These meditative sessions met students where they were.  Now they are ready to sit up for meditation! 

I look forward to getting back to offering the Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation series in person.  From my personal experience and that of my students during 2019, I know the series prepares you for lifelong meditation.  I know the outcome is transformation and upliftment.  

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