Most Improved

By Gurudevi Nirmalananda

You become eligible for the “Most Improved” award when you take Yoga Teacher Training — Level 1 (YTT1).  You get more physical changes in this program than any other.  However, it is your mental and emotional state that warrants “most improved.”  Your joy grows day by day.  The light shining through your eyes becomes brilliant and constant.

This is only one of the reasons that I love teaching teachers.  Well, I have to confess that I love teaching anyone, regardless of the level where they begin and regardless of how far they want to go.  I am always the most grateful person in the room.  I am grateful to my students for wanting these ancient tools for upliftment and to my Baba, who made me able to offer them.

During 15 years of teaching on the conference circuit, I taught many yoga classes with 100 or more students.  I could not get around to check everyone’s alignments, nor do adjustments for them.  In Svaroopa® Yoga, the alignments are of critical importance; I think of it as laser-beam yoga, with every pose targeting your spine.  Adding adjustments to the student’s experience opens up a whole new world for them, physically as well as deeper levels within.  In those large classes, I was fortunate to have team-teachers, graduates of the Teacher Training program I began in 1993.

Over 30 years ago, I dedicated myself to training teachers.  The improvements I saw people getting in my classes was unfortunately limited by how many people I could fit in the room.  I realized that I personally could only give so many sacrum presses and arm pulls.  

When I teach a teacher, that number expands exponentially.  So many people’s lives are improved!  Thus far, over 3,000 yogis have taken our Teacher Training programs, at Foundations or higher levels.

Yet it is YTT1 that makes the biggest difference.  Leapfrogging off what you got from your Foundations course, you’re ready for deeper openings.  Your physical changes open your eyes to new levels of clarity, as well as opening your inner eye to more expanded levels of mystical experience.

So today I thank the yogis who have requested we add a YTT1 in 2022.  Some recent Foundations grads asked us to schedule a training for them.  They want to teach.  And I want them to teach.  Teaching yoga is a way of changing the world, while uplifting yourself.

YTT1 begins September 12 2022

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