Enlightenment: Stages & Steps

By Carolyn (Karuna) Beaver 

What brings you to the doorstep of Self-Realization?  What is it about YOU that has you knocking on it, wanting in? 

Understand your spiritual yearning and how to develop your spirituality.  Gurudevi’s new Telecourse has three Modules, each with written lessons and new videos with Gurudevi.  Enroll in a single module or take them all, available May 19:

  1. The Power of Yearning 
  1. Finding Your Way 
  1. Experiencing Freedom 

Uncover what is hidden in your inner yearning to know.  It is your own Self calling to you.  Discover how a living master moves you on your path.. Learn how you can make a difference in your rate of progress.  Find out about the stages and steps of a deepening meditation practice.  Gurudevi details the freedom that comes from understanding who you really are and how this plays out in your life. 

This course begins May 19.  Move through the process at your own pace, whether you complete each module in a few days or a few months.  Once enrolled, you’ll have personal access to the articles and audios in the module for four months.  Dive in deep, reviewing each offering many times.  Shift your sense of who you are.  Support your life in the world from the inside-outward. 

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