Meditate with Gurudevi Daily 

Every day at 6:30 am, you can join Gurudevi for your morning meditation.  The most important of yoga’s practices is meditation.  But it can be hard to get it going on your own.  Meditating with others makes it much easier, especially when they are experienced meditators.  When you meditate with a Master, your meditation is fueled by the blessing of their knowing. 

Meditation Club — so much Grace.  To have daily access through phone connection direct from the Ashram community is divine. –Barbara H. 

Let Gurudevi and the Ashram residents support your process by sharing our daily Ashram meditation with you.  Meditation Club is available on Zoom by monthly subscription.  Gurudevi begins with a short reading from her Guru, followed by a short chant, invoking blessings on your meditation.  Next you sit in the holy silence, transmitted from the Ashram, for the rest of the hour, a sweet and Grace-filled experience. 

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