Gurudevi’s Mid-Week Satsang

Come chant and meditate with Gurudevi Nirmalananda in her free Wednesday evening program, live in Downingtown.  To zoom in, enroll in our online Yoga Wednesday (Bookends or Full Day).

This satsang features a long chant and meditation, both led by Gurudevi.  Live music accompanies the chant in the traditional yoga style.  You’ll find it easy to follow the printed words and everyone else singing along.  After the chant, Gurudevi guides the meditation, making it easy for newcomers, while simultaneously making it deep and profound for everyone.

The chant and meditation during Gurudevi’s mid-week satsang is powerfully deep.  I settle in much more deeply than I can with chanting and meditating on my own.  I attend every week! – Lynn C.

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