Body, Mind, Heart & More

By Ellen (Lajja) Mitchell

Board President, Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram

I am honored to invite you to join in our semiannual fundraiser — “Body, Mind, Heart and More.”  Please take advantage of this opportunity to support your Ashram with a financial contribution.

Look forward to hearing and reading about others’ personal experiences of the transformative power of our Svaroopa® Sciences practices.  Gratitude is the common thread in these reports from active members of our community.  

Our practices are like gems.  Gems sparkle.  And when you do the practices, you sparkle too — from the inside out.  

Physical pain brought me to Svaroopa® yoga, a bulging disk in my lower back.  Told I was not a surgical candidate, I was offered pain pills and pain patches.  I said, “Those treat the symptoms, how do I fix the problem?”  The doctor said, “You can try acupuncture and yoga.”  So I found an acupuncturist and a Svaroopa® yoga teacher.  

My first yoga class gave me more than physical pain relief.  I felt taller and I also felt different.  I remember walking through the hallway at work thinking ‘something is different’.  I felt like there was more space around me.

The spinal release also helped quiet my mind.  I used to pray nightly for peace of mind.  My mind was so busy — day and night, night and day.  One class, my teacher had us sit in Sukhasana for a few minutes.  We meditated.  

I was intrigued.  I wanted to start a home practice.  I remember repeating our mantra out loud to prepare for meditation.  Then I’d set my timer.  I started with five minutes and slowly increased it.  What a gem meditation has been for me!  

Chanting is another gem of the Svaroopa® Sciences.  It has brought me peace in times of stress.  I have chanted for hours while driving and at home.  Chanting brings me joy.  It has allowed my heart to stay open when all I wanted to do was close up and retreat from the world.  Gurudevi says, “It is chanting and meditation that fuel the deepest heart-level changes.”  I have felt this.  Have you?

Sometimes, stuff comes up and churns in my mind.  Or I become aware of a pattern that I want help exploring.  In those times, I turn to vichara (guided self-inquiry).  Private sessions guided by a Certified Vichara Therapist have helped me get past this internal churn.  Then I can see the situation differently.  

Vichara has shifted me, helping to peel layers away.  Like the other practices, vichara clears the way for the Light of Consciousness to shine from within.  It illuminates where it may have not before.  Vichara is another Svaroopa® yoga gem that allows me to shine brighter.

I remember my first Embodyment® Yoga Therapy session.  When I first heard about Embodyment® sessions, I wondered, “You lay in Shavasana and that is it?”  Embodyment® proved to be yet another scintillating yoga gem.  It has helped me both physically and spiritually.

My very first class gave me a peek into myself. And it made me want more.  For that I am grateful because that yearning was the beginning of my path.  Since then, every experience of the Svaroopa® Sciences practices has kept me going.  

I recently went through overlap healing Embodyment® sessions to help with a physical issue.  Layers shed.  Those Embodyment® sessions allowed me to continue when I thought I had no path forward.

All of these practices — asana, meditation, chanting, vichara and Embodyment® sessions — have opened me inward to the healing, transformative Light of Consciousness.  These sparkling yogic gems have allowed me to be lighter and shine brighter in the world.  I give in gratitude to our Ashram for all I have received.

Please take a moment to recall your experiences of the Svaroopa® Sciences practices.  

How have they opened you inward to healing and transformation?  

Do you now shine brighter in body, mind, heart and more?  

Let your answer guide you in joining me to support our Ashram with a financial gift.  Give back in gratitude to the source of the teachings and practices.  You’ll engage in dakshina (selfless giving) — yet another transformative practice.

Donate today on our website.  You can call us at (610) 644-7555.  Or you can send your check to Svaroopa Vidya Ashram, 116 E. Lancaster Ave., Downingtown, PA 19335.  

From my heart, I say thank you!

2 thoughts on “Body, Mind, Heart & More

  1. Anna VR

    that’s really nice to feel physical effect during the first Svaroopa class. With my back problems it took me many classes before I could feel the effect physically.

    Yes, Overlap therapy is absolutely amazing. It was a real real breakthrough for feeling my body.


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