Chant to Open Your Heart

By Amanda (Purna) Schmidt

Gurudevi’s CD Namah is the first she recorded after taking sannyas.  Its four chants echo that new promise and depth.  Introductory mantras are followed by “Om Namah Shivaya” in her own Ganeshpuri melody. 

“Nirmalam” honors Gurudevi’s own Self in the meaning of her name: without limitations.  “Om Guru Mere Guru” offers loving gratitude to the one who opens the path.  

Namah honors Guru and Self, inseparable from the mantra which carries you there.  Chant along with Gurudevi and bow, again and again, to your own Self.  Price: $19.95

1 thought on “Chant to Open Your Heart

  1. Michele

    It was without a doubt the richest recording she’s ever done. To record her angelic version of these chants the year she took Sannyasa vows was magical; I noticed right away the change inside her through her voice. It is my go-to for practices and all morning long.


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